State Disability Plan in the works

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In a drive for more inclusive communities the McGowan government has announced plans to develop a State Disability Plan which will underpin all Government activities and initiatives.

This move comes from the National Disability Services WA calling for a State Disability Plan in its Pre-Budget submission presented to the State Government on October 22, 2018.

‘Inclusive WA’, NDS WA’s proposal for the plan, aims to create more inclusive communities and improve the accessibility of services, systems and infrastructure for the more than 410,000 West Australians with disability.


state-disability-plan-in-the-works-InterchangeDisability Services Minister Stephen Dawson says that the aim of the plan will be to improve the accessibility and use of the State Government systems and services for Western Australians with disability.

The first stage of the process will be consultation and engagement with people with disability and their communities to learn from their real-life experiences.

For Interchange WA this is an exciting prospect to build communities in which their sentiment that Everyone Belongs – is truly realised.

This also shows that our Neighbourhood model is the future for disability planning and support services – focusing on the person we support and the communities they exist in. Through this approach we are guided by what the person wants and what is most important to them.

The WA Government has made a commitment to “listen, engage and hear the needs of the disability community”.

The plan will drive more inclusive communities and improve the accessibility of State Government services, systems and infrastructure for all Western Australians with disability.

Echoing the sentiment of disability service providers across WA, Minister Dawson says the State Disability Plan will be an authentic and responsive action plan that reflects the desires, aspirations and needs of people with disability in WA for the longer term.

“… the plan is not just for people with disability – it’s for all Western Australians who want to live in an inclusive community,” says Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson.

Interchange CEO, Justin O’Meara Smith said, “We congratulate the State Government for the leadership and commitment shown through their announcement of a State Disability Plan.  Our vision is for welcoming communities that value, respect and empower people with disability and a plan what shows how people with disability are valuable part of a vibrant and inclusive community will help us to achieve this vision.”

To register your interest in the State Disability Plan for WA and find out about planned consultation events please provide your contact details.

If you require assistance with the registration process, please call 6167 8899 or email