A Deep Seeded Passion – Meet Trevor

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Trevor making a salad with his own produce.

Trevor’s horticultural heritage, passed down from his botanist grandfather and mother with a knack for gardening, instilled in him a profound bond with nature. This bond fueled his desire to cultivate a rich, thriving garden of his own. 

Before commencing with Interchange though, he did not have the spur to ‘start’ this big project. But now, his Support Workers are going above and beyond in motivating him to pursue his dreams. With success! The pictures say it all – Trevor has built himself a magnificent green oasis. 

Feeling grounded yet in sync with nature is one of the many benefits Trevor experiences with having his own garden. He loves just being in his green safe heaven and listening to the birds, watching the seasons change and of course harvesting the many goods he planted. He also loves the added privacy and the overall look the juicy green plants allow for. 

Gardening is a terrific way to stay healthy and active, as it invites plenty of time spent outdoors and encourages physical activity. Plus, for Trevor, it’s not just a hobby but a rich source of fresh and vibrant veggies that boost his diet and overall wellbeing 

Trevor’s latest exciting project is creating a worm farm to generate his own fertiliser. Even though it has previously exposed itself to be quite a tricky task, Trevor is not one to back down from a challenge. With his Support Workers by his side, he knows he’s got a team ready to help him navigate every twist and turn on this journey. 

Trevor checking on his veggies.

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