A Legacy of Leadership - Angie Paskevicius awarded Life Membership

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Angie’s unwavering dedication and commitment as well as her astonishing leadership qualities were rewarded with her receiving the prestigious honour of Life Membership at Interchange’s 2023 Annual General Meeting. 

Angie’s journey with Interchange began in April 2012 when she took on the role of Chair of the board, coinciding with the passing of the NDIS bill. 

Over the years, Angie navigated through challenges and growth phases, witnessing Interchange’s transformation from catering to 150 customers with a $2.8 million turnover to an impressive $18.6 million turnover, supporting 291 customers directly in support services. Interchange celebrated its 30-year milestone, marking significant growth and expansion. 

Beyond financial achievements, Angie’s collaborative leadership with the Board ushered in transformative changes, turning Interchange into a resilient and capable organization with the customer’s needs always at the forefront. 

Angie’s strong connection to the disability industry traces back to her childhood in Tasmania, where her mother was an active volunteer and fundraiser for people living with disability. Her journey as a speech pathologist, holding leadership roles in disability services, and her involvement with various boards underscore her deep commitment to the sector. 

Reflecting on her life membership, Angie emphasises a strong connection with the organisation, expressing her interest in clients’ well-being and readiness to assist when needed.  

Looking forward, Angie remains dedicated to making meaningful change for people living with disability. While she stepped down as Chair at Interchange, she continues to contribute in the mental health, chronic health and disability sector as Chair of 360 Health and Community. 

In celebrating Angie Paskevicius, we honour not only her accomplishments of her 9 years as Chair but the lasting impact she has had on Interchange and the disability sector in general. Her legacy stands as an inspiration for all those working towards creating positive change in the lives of people with disability.  

We want to thank Angie for her utmost dedication and wish her all the best. 

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