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Shared Manangement Bryce Welsh

Meet Bryce – Shared Management Success!

Maintaining independence, ensuring safety, and improving overall health and mobility are common goals for people living with disability seeking support while living in their homes. For Bryce, achieving these objectives has been possible through a unique home sharing arrangement.  

After six years within a round-the-clock home care agency, Bryce’s journey towards independence began when he purchased his home through a family trust. Moving into his own home gave him the confidence to live on his terms. 

Through Interchange I have a successful arrangement that gives me confidence in my future, allowing me to live independently. I have the freedom to choose my housemates and support system, and I receive assistance as required from my home sharer.” 

Bryce opted for a home share arrangement. Home sharing is a living option service we offer people we support who want to share their home with other people. This meant that Bryce could select his housemates and support system specific to his individual needs. After working with Interchange Shared Living Team to identify his preferences for in house-sharers and to find potential matches, Bryce chose to share his house with Litia and Sulu and employ them directly through Interchange’s Shared Management service.  

This decision has proven to be a game-changer.  

This companionship arrangement provides both physical and psychological support, offering the flexibility to cater to my needs in a more efficient and cost-effective manner compared to 24/7 agency support.” 

Litia and Sulu’s presence in Bryce’s life has improved his social skills and expanded his community and friendships. By introducing him to local events and activities aligned with his interests, Litia and Sulu have empowered Bryce to develop his social and community skills, paving the way for meaningful relationships, and friendships. 

Litia and Sulu provide opportunities for me to practice communication and interpersonal skills, thereby facilitating the development of my social abilities. Regular interactions with them allow me to feel more at ease and confident in social situations, enabling me to form meaningful relationships, make friends, and potentially establish long-term partnerships.

Home sharing has brought many advantages to Bryce’s life. Instead of imposing round-the-clock support, Bryce is provided with companions who provide support as required. Bryce also experiences a sense of independence, physical and psychological support, companionship, and social interactions that contribute to his overall well-being.  

By partnering with Interchange to support his home share arrangement, Bryce continues to achieve his goals of maintaining independence, improving health and mobility, and developing meaningful relationships within his community.  

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