First Time Grand Father – Celebrating Interchange IT Manager Robert Spencer

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Robert Spender IT Grandfather with grandchild

Robert Spencer at Interchange Head Office 

Meet Robert, our Information and Technology Manager.

Our IT Guru is a Grandad

As we celebrate Robert’s news, it also gives us the opportunity to learn more about his role of Information and Technology Manager, within Interchange and how he keeps us and all our data safe!

Having 25 years of industry experience and a background in Software and Electronic Development, Robert is incredibly knowledgeable about all things tech, and cyber security.

He is primarily responsible for the smooth running, modifying and security of the iWA technological environment. We all rely on technology daily and we are very pleased that Robert ensures the smooth running of this.

With his co-worker Robin, he’s constantly advancing Interchanges computer systems to streamline response times, making everything extra efficient.

In these tech-savvy times, Robert has offered critical cyber safety tips to safeguard and protect our computer systems and personal information.

His top tips are:

1. Read emails carefully (especially the reply address) to see if they look legitimate. 

2. Banks will never ask for your personal information in an email. 

3. If it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is, and you need to see point 1 again. 

4. Don’t save your passwords on or near your computer. This is very common. It is good to store passwords separately. 

At Interchange, we take the security of our data very seriously, following closely to the Essential Eight, published by the Federal Government.

With the technological ingenuity of Robert, Interchange has a solid, secure and user-friendly computer system that’s used by our staff and customers.