Clayton – Finding A New Rhythm

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Customer Clayton - playing Drums

Clayton – Drumming At Men’s Shed

Clayton – Living Life to The Beat of His Own Drum 

Clayton’s journey with Interchange began on July 31, 2005, and has spanned 18 years. With Interchange’s support, Clayton has engaged in activities resonating with his interests and heritage.  

He enjoys his moments out in the community. Clayton’s story is not one of words but of smiles that light up a room.  

Clayton communicates through sign language, body language, and occasional vocalisations. His infectious smile and joyful demeanour have made him a beloved member of his shared home and the community. 

Clayton loves to visit cafes, shops, parks, and anywhere he can be among people. Clayton’s preferred forms of entertainment include cartoons, musicals, Indigenous stories, and music.  

Clayton’s Love for Drumming

Most recently, music and drumming ignited Clayton’s interest.  

Jeremy, one of Clayton’s support workers, recently recognised Clayton’s affinity for drums. He noticed how Clayton would move his wheelchair to the rhythm and beat. This prompted him and staff to act, creating a drum set specifically for Clayton.  

 Visiting the Men’s Shed once a week. The Men’s Shed is a community organisation where men of all ages come together, socialise, and engage in various hands-on activities. It is here Clayton and Jeremy immerse themselves in the world of drums.  

The impact of this has been profound.  

Clayton has become more engaged and involved when playing. His support crew noticed Clayton’s increased activity during and after drumming sessions. 

His connection to music and drumming breathing new life and energy into his world.   

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