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‘Adding quality to someone’s life brings me joy!’


When Ricci gets up in the morning, he aims to be the absolute best version of himself, not just because that is what he believes is the right thing to do, or because his parents brought him up that way, but because he wants to be an example for his two little girls. 

Asha and Amayah, his daughters and his wife Irene are his world. They love to spend their time together as a family and often will go to parks and let the girls just run around and explore. Family time is very important to Ricci. His parents were the ones who laid the foundation for his family-oriented being, they set a great example for him, and he is eager to follow in their footsteps. Showing kindness and always protecting their close-knit family bond. 

Ricci has a keen interest in exploring the globe, even though he’s not a fan of flying. So, instead, he opts for a delightful family journey down to Dunsborough, preferring this over an overseas trip.

Ricci’s life motto is: ‘Live life simple. Take it day by day, learn from obstacles and never give up because tomorrow will be a better day.’ 

Being an Interchanger makes him proud.

Interchange is a great organisation that puts their staff interests at the top. They offer the best career pathway and support for their staff. Interchange has changed a lot of people’s lives and continues to do so. I am lucky to call myself an Interchanger.

Ricci enjoys his job which is to help people fulfil their goals and to live a meaningful life. And this is also the reason why he chose the disability sector in the first place. It brings him joy being able to add quality to someone’s life. 

We wanted to know, what do you enjoy most about supporting people with disability? 

I enjoy seeing someone become more and more independent and I know that I have done my part when I see someone live their life to the fullest.

Something we didn’t know about our awesome Interchanger Ricci is that he is a shy person even though most people would look at him and consider him outgoing.  

Thank you, Ricci – We Think You Are Awesome!

Ricci with his daughter Asha.

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