NDIS in Review by Nicki Dyson, Executive Manager People & Culture

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Guided by the NDIS Act, The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a world-first system of disability support for eligible Australians with permanent and significant disability. Since its roll out, some people still report that they find the NDIS over-complicated, frustrating and confusing. In response to these concerns, the Australian Government promised to develop and legislate an NDIS Participant Service Guarantee to improve experiences with the NDIS. To do this, they commissioned a review of the NDIS legislation, appointing independent reviewer Mr David Tune AO PSM.

As part of the of the review, valuable insights were gathered from people with disability, families, carers, disability organisations, advocates and supporters from all around Australia. Almost 2,000 survey responses and written submissions were received. More than 500 people took part in community workshops and focus groups in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia.

Released on 20 January 2020, the report of the review contains 29 recommendations aimed at improving the operation of the NDIS for people, families, carers and providers.

The review also looked at changes that could be made to the law to streamline NDIS processes, remove barriers to positive experiences and introduce the Participant Service Guarantee and concluded that Clarity and Flexibility for people would broadly benefit all Providers.

Specific areas for Interchange to monitor going forward will include:

  • Managing conflict of interest for customers that receive support services (core and capacity) and Coordination of Support from Interchange
  • Complying with, worker screening arrangements and reporting and oversight arrangements to reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices in the NDIS (detail for WA is yet to be published)
  • Longer plans (up to 3 years) providing greater certainty for people and reduced administration costs.
  • A review of Respite and Services to Children.  There is a recognition that the Act reads well for adults with disability, but less so for children due to the current interpretation of parental responsibilities for children.

The Australian Government has committed to make the Participant Service Guarantee law by 1 July 2020, although some of the reviews other recommendations may take longer to implement.

We know that people have faced confusion and concerns over NDIS plans and our Community Engagers and Support Coordinators do offer support with design and planning to navigate the NDIS system.  Find out more about the services we offer HERE

Nicki Dyson, Executive Manager People & Culture