Sharon on a Mission | WA Disability Support Awards Nomination 2024

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Sharon is sitting in her wheelchair holding an animal feeding bottle.
Sharon is sitting in her wheelchair holding an animal feeding bottle.

Our adventure-seeking customer Sharon (Shaz) from our Myaree Neighbourhood is extremely happy with the understanding and support she receives from her team. She even went as far as nominating her support team for the WA Disability Support Awards 2024 – how awesome is that? 

A huge thank you to Interchange does not seem to cover it. I have seen so much of WA thanks to the community access and my lovely team. […] My support team makes me feel safe and comfortable in my home and community. They do not make me feel as if they carers every time – it is like meeting a family member. I am very thankful for them being on my team and teaching me to trust and learn.

Shaz is on a mission. As an outdoorsy person, she has a long list of things she wants to see and do and simply needs safe support services from people who listen to her and get her. 

Keen to see what Shaz is up to? Her creative side comes through when she shows her followers bits and bobs of her exploring the outdoors and to raise awareness about barriers faced by people with disability via her YouTube channel: ‘Wheeling Warrior Fam’. 

Sharon was now able to tick off a place in WA she wanted to visit for a while. She recently went on a trip to Busselton with her Interchange support team and used an opportunity called Short-Term Accommodation to make it possible. 

Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it but … thank you. Our short trip was great! Amazing company & lots of memories. A huge thank you to Interchange for organising this getaway.

As part of your overall support service, Interchange can help you plan and design what short-term accommodation options you require and want. If you need a break away from home, if you would like to trial living independently, or your caregiver require respite, then let’s chat.

Two women smiling. Woman on the right is sitting in a wheelchair and has a blue and white blanket over her legs. Woman on the left is standing behind her, she is wearing a light pink blouse.
Sharon with her adventure companion aka Support Worker Satbreer.

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