Shining Lights on our Team Leader Abi

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Abi New Team Leader - NorthAbi Law – Team Leader For Osborne Park – North Divison 

Shining Lights on our Team Leader Abi 

We are thrilled to have recently found out more about Abi through our interview with her…. 

How did you come to work in Disability Care? 

I actually lost my job as a Travel Agent at the beginning of the pandemic, and was looking for work when I saw a traineeship advertised for disability care, and as my brother has a disability I thought I would be able to bring a lot of enthusiasm and care to the role, being passionate about disability care and rights.  

What has your career pathway looked like since joining Interchange? 

I came to Interchange through HTA, on a traineeship, then was offered a permanent position upon completing my traineeship. I then went to my Team Leader asking for a continuous improvement opportunity and was told about the Lead Support Worker role. I applied and had my interview the week of my wedding, before coming back from my honeymoon to the news that I gotten the position.  

I worked in the Lead Support Worker role for some months, building my high intensity teams, before being offered the opportunity to go into ‘Acting Team Leader’ as the current Team Leader was going into the role of Acting Coach. I was offered this due to my work ethic and the positive impact I have had on each of my high intensity teams.  

Then, the opportunity came out to apply for a permanent team leader position, which I applied for and has now led me here, to permanent Team Leader for Osborne Park. 

What’s your favourite aspect of working with Interchange and people with a disability? 

Getting to meet such a wide range of people, and getting to know them all, as well as being able to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives. Even a small win is still a win and reminds me why I love this job.  

What would you say is one thing you’ve learned since working in this industry? 

Just how much different providers talk to each other and how much it makes a difference for the customer 

What do you like doing in your down time? 

I enjoy playing video games and reading, and have just purchased my first home, with my husband, so I am really enjoying fixing up my garden and making the place our own. 

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