Stories of Interchange – Meet Dean!

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Earlier this week we introduced WA Disability Support Award Nominee and Interchange superstar, Joy Rotairo to you. Joy has been nominated by the people we support and our organisation for her Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities.

Today we would like to introduce Dean to you. Dean has only been supported by Interchange for a few months but with the help of his support worker Joy he has been kicking one goal after the other.

When Joy started working with Dean, he’d lost all hope of ever reentering the workplace again. Meeting Joy and working with her to identify his skills, talents and the issues that were holding him back has truly changed Dean’s life.  Now, he’s rebuilding his confidence, regaining his self-esteem and looking forward to the future for the first time in years.

Joy took time to get to know me and what I wanted. She supported me in looking for jobs that suit me and recently came with me to my first interview. It was good to have her there, it gave me confidence and made me feel safe. Joy is more encouraging and supportive in finding a job than any Support Worker I have ever had. With Joy’s support I improved my speech, my confidence and I am looking for employment. I feel like I am on my way to a job I will enjoy. I really hope you will consider my nomination for Joy as she had such a great impact on my life, and she deserves to be recognised for all the effort she puts in. – Dean, Customer Interchange WA

Since losing his job at a seedling factory 7 years ago, Dean had also lost his confidence and the hope of regaining employment. Now in his fifties, Dean has struggled with a speech impediment his entire life. Although skilled and very keen to re-enter the workforce, the right job just didn’t seem to be out there for him. That is, until Joy came along. The support worker took a lot of time getting to know Dean and realised his biggest issue was his confidence. Seeing the whole picture, she decided to bring his speech and occupational therapist on board. In a team effort, they worked with Dean to build up his confidence by improving his speech.

To dig even deeper the pair contacted Dean’s former employer and service providers and ask them to give a reference for his resume, which they were happy to do. With Joy’s support Dean signed up for a job readiness program, a computer skills workshop for people over 50, and did some public transport training with Joy, to become more independent. Since this will open up more employment opportunities for Dean the pair has been busy creating a Resume and Cover Letter, practising interview questions and also getting the right outfit for the big day.

Joy’s support has really improved my confidence. I feel that my speech has improved and people now understand what I am saying and I can look for jobs that suit me. I know it will happen.

But it gets even better, Dean recently had his first job interview with Match Work.Joy came along for his interview and was more than impressed by Dean’s confidence and the huge progress he’s made.

Dean spoke loud and clear, calmly repeated his answer when he wasn’t understood and was extremely confident in explaining why he would be the perfect match for the job.

Although there is no contract signed yet, the people at Match Work were also really impressed by Dean and are currently sorting out employment for him. Well done, Dean! We are incredibly proud of your achievements and can not wait to see what the future holds for you.

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