Visual Cooking Guide – Spaghetti Boscaiola

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Do you enjoy making your own meals but need a little support every once in a while? Why not try one of our visual cooking guides.

Mark White, Support Worker from our Spearwood Neighbourhood, created a visual cooking guide, where you can follow easy step by step instructions to create some of your favourite dishes. This is a great way of enjoying some fantastic food while also working on your independent living skills.

Today on the menu Spaghetti Boscaiola (word document)

This is what the dish will look like
Here are the ingredients you will need
Chop Bacon
Chop Onion
Chop Mushrooms
Pour oil into frying pan and cook on medium heat
Add onion and bacon. Sprinkle in garlic
Cook for 4 minutes then add mushrooms
Cook for 3 minutes then add cream
Simmer for 6 minutes then add cheese
Add boiling water to saucepan
Add pasta and cook until soft
Drain the spaghetti
Serve and ENJOY!

If you would like to make your own visual guides for your favourite meals simply ask your Support Worker for help. They can assist you with finding the right recipes, do the food shopping with you and then document each step of the meal preparation by taking a photograph. Afterwards, you could use this template and adjust them to your meal. These can then be printed for you and used to prepare your favourite dishes at home.