What’s the scoop, linking in with our Chief Operating Officer, Nicki Dyson. 

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Having been at Interchange as an Executive member for almost 6 years, Nicki and the Exec team have been through many complexities and developments. From the implementation of NDIS, impact of Covid, recommendations from the disability royal commission and more recently the NDIS review. Through all of the external impacts what has been notable to Nicki and given her inspiration and energy, has been the commitment from the individuals and teams within Interchange who have ensured Interchange continues to live our mission of ‘Helping people with disability to live a good life’.


With a long background in health and social care, Nicki arrived in Australia with her 3 children for a 2-year stint in 2013 and now, ten years later, finds it hard to move back to the damp cold of Northern England. Living in Perth, she loves the diversity of the city, the art culture and natural environment.


Nicki is committed to learning and development and recently completed the Company Director Course with the Australian Institute of Directors and set to commence MBA study at Kaplan Business School, for which she has been awarded a scholarship for her studies through the Australian Scholarships Foundation.


Juggling the demands of this and parenting, home renovations, and work, finding downtime proves challenging. However, Nicki makes time for socialising with friends, engaging in Pilates, dog walks, reading, and pursuing her love for travel.


As Chief Operating Officer, Nicki knows there are many challenges for people living with disability across Perth, a key concern is around suitable housing and safe supports. Key activity for 2024 will include exploring opportunities for partnering with accommodation organisations, supporting teams to develop flexible and inclusive service options and engaging with people we support and our employees.


The Exec team are committed to protecting time to hear experiences of our Interchange community both from our customers and employees. This will be through a range of means, pulsing surveys, feedback, and good old fashioned getting out to meet people.  Through this Nicki and the Exec team will be considering what we can continue to develop to improve the quality of how we support both our customers and employees.


An area Nicki loves to hear about is the impactful experiences of the support we provide at Interchange through our support teams, ranging from help in homes, work opportunities to entertaining car-pool karaoke sessions and connecting individuals with new community activities.


If you would like to reach out and connect with Nicki, send an email to n.dyson@interchangewa.org.au


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