When Dreams Come True – Marc’s Journey to Employment

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Image: Marc working at a local car dealership.

When Dreams Come True – Marc’s Journey to Employment

Marc, a young man and customer of Interchange, has been interested in motor vehicles for years. Not only does he recognise the different models on the road, but he also had a true interest in working in the industry for quite some time. 

A close and genuine relationship with his Support Workers Sandra and Nicola meant that he felt comfortable sharing his passions with his team. Soon after, one of his Support Workers took the initiative and found Marc his very first volunteer role in the automotive industry.  

It is safe to say: Marc loved it!  

This role meant everything to him, not only did Marc grow into a valued position at a Challenger Ford in his area but it also opened the door for him to learn and grow in a field he is truly passionate about. His commitment and compassion as well as his growth in managing added responsibility has even led to his volunteer position turning into a paid part-time role! How awesome is that. Marc’s hard work is paying off!  

Evident is Marc’s contentment with his job, as he takes immense pride in his work at Ford, demonstrated by his commitment to dressing in uniform and eagerly awaiting workdays. The supportive environment, created by his fellow workers, has played a crucial role in making Marc feel like an important part of the team. #supportivecommunity 

One of the best days for Marc happened recently when his coworker organised a ride in a Mustang for him. His smile could not have been any bigger. 

Marc’s story is a testament to the positive impact of aligning interests with meaningful actions. 

Congratulations to Marc and everyone involved in supporting and facilitating this incredible journey.  

Image: Marc and his Support Workers aka advocates and goal supporters, Nicola (left) and Sandra (right).


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