Coronavirus Update – How we are supporting you

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The health and safety of our staff, people we support and the community is our main priority. To ensure that we do our best to keep you safe we have introduced changes to how we provide supports to minimize the chances of spreading the virus.

  • We are continuing to provide face to face supports to you and are following health department guidelines
  • We can provide support in your home around daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care
  • If you need shopping or meal preparations we can change the time of your support to visit the supermarkets early in the morning
  • Supports can take place in your local community spaces such as local parks, community gardens, libraries
  • We are not providing supports in groups and avoiding activities where large groups people come together
  • Where possible we are trying to keep your regular support workers in place however we may need to offer you alternative workers as situations change
  • All our staff are practicing safe hygiene and are completing infection control refesher training
  • Staff who are at feeling ill or may be at risk will not be attending work until they have medical clearance


If you are unwell please let us know in advance to ensure you, our staff and others are safe

We do support people who are susceptible to flu-like infection and understand the heightened risks associated with COVID.

If you have any questions about your supports please email or call 9329 9399. We will update our customers by email so please ensure your email details are up to date.

If you are concerned about your health please call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080