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We all share the responsibility when it comes to protecting children in our families and in our communities. We will always be looking for signs of abuse and/or neglect, talking about the risks with our staff, helping families develop safe plans and having the right systems in place to protect the wellbeing of children. – Justin O’Meara Smith, CEO of Interchange

Interchange is committed to providing a nurturing environment where all children will be safely supported to live a good life. We believe in nurturing your child’s positivity, creativity and growth. We work in partnership with you and your family to understand your hopes and dreams, and strive to make them happen.

We understand these early years are an important time in your child’s development. Our team can help take some of the pressure from you by providing support with your child’s relationships, nutrition, environment and play, whilst treating your child with respect and valuing their ideas and opinions.

By getting to know you and your child, we can work together to help them become happy, confident and as independent as they can be.

As a proud child safe organisation we have implemented:

We are working together to create awareness around child safety to ensure it is always a priority. By working with families, allied health, therapy providers and other organisations, we are continuing to build safe communities that value, respect and empower people with disability, no matter their age. – Rosemarie Dravnieks, Child Safety Advocate at Interchange

Find out how we can work together and support your child’s development in their early years, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to hello@interchangewa.org.au and we will be in touch shortly.