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Elizabeth has been with Interchange for more than 20 years and they really know her. Without high-quality service delivery, the quality of her life would be diminished.

We understand how important it is to live in your home, and strive to support your growing independence whenever you need our help.

This includes assisting you to further develop your skills in self-care, household duties, health and wellbeing. We also provide support to your growing independence through mainstream and public transport  training and encouraging hobbies and activities which offer the opportunity for you to make new friends and create a life of your own choosing.

We can support you with a range of living options from assisting family, friends and other support people to help you remain in the family home, to helping you to move out into a home of your own, or share with others.

Host Arrangements

A Host Arrangement is a living arrangement where a host welcomes a person with a disability to live in their home and to be part of their lives. The host’s home may be the person’s primary residence, or the person may come for occasional short- stays providing support to the person with their daily life activities and care as required.

Each Host Arrangement is unique, according to the person’s and the host’s circumstances.

Through living in a natural home environment and sharing lives with the host, the person experiences an enhanced sense of connection and belonging in their community.

Interchange works with you to find a compatible host. We assess the home and occupants to ensure the living arrangement will be safe and welcoming for the person and occupants of the home. Maintaining regular contact with the person and host, we provide guidance, support and safeguarding of the arrangement. We can also support you to find a host arrangement with an alternative family carer.

Find out more about how we can support you in your home, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a host please find out more HERE