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Elizabeth has been with Interchange for more than 20 years and they really know her. Without high-quality service delivery, the quality of her life would be diminished.

Daily Living covers all the things and activities you do in your everyday life and within your home. Interchange can support you with your Daily Living Skills, Personal Care and Developing Capacity & Learning. We can help you to do tasks on your own, or with our assistance when needed, so you can live a happy and fulfilling life – a life you choose. 

Personal Care 

Our friendly and experienced team at Interchange will take the time to understand your personal requirements and tailor personal care services specifically to you. No matter if your needs are simple or complex, our trained Support Workers offer discreet and professional personal care in the way that’s most comfortable to you. From supporting you a couple of hours a day to 24/7 Support – We provide you with the support you want and need to feel comfortable and secure living in your home.

Daily Living Skills 

Daily Living Skills are all the things you like to do or need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life in your home. Interchange can help you with: 

  • Your Home
    Do you have some chores at home? Let’s get them done together! Cleaning and maintaining your home can be hard work but our Support Workers are there to give you a hand. Washing, ironing, cleaning or gardening are some of the life skills we can help you to build. We can also provide support to run your home by making sure bills are paid on time and helping you with home maintenance. 
  • Your Money and Budgeting
    Learning how to manage your own money is very important for your financial independence. We can support you with setting up and navigating your bank account and services. We can also assist you with effective budgeting and money planning to enhance your financial security. 
  • Your Nutrition
    A healthy diet has many benefits. Eating healthy foods creates more energy, helps maintain a healthy weight and prevents the risk of illness later in life. But preparing a healthy meal isn’t always easy! We can support you with research, diet planning, shopping, cooking, and eating healthy foods. Your Support Worker can work with you to plan your shopping lists and budgets, accompany you to the shops and help you get the things you need for your day-to-day life. 
  • Your Hobbies
    Hobbies are a huge part of a fulfilled lifestyle and something you might want to take up. Maybe you love fishing, playing board games, painting or enjoy spending time at the beach. Hobbies can also be a great way to meet other people and make friends while doing something you love. Let us know what you are passionate about and we can do it together. 

Read more about how we can support you with Daily Living Skills or reach out to us to speak to our friendly staff.

Developing Capacity & Learning

Here at Interchange, we truly understand the importance of personal development and independence. We can assist you to learn or improve skills that help you to be more independent and ultimately live your own life. 

Capacity building includes a range of supports that enable you to build your independence skills at home as well as out and about. Capacity Building Supports are an addition to Core Supports via the NDIS. For example, instead of getting meals prepared for you (which is a core support), this support category is designed to help you learn the skills you need to prepare meals yourself.  

We can assist you in developing and furthering skills in: 

  • Taking care of yourself. 
  • Developing a daily routine. 
  • Building social skills. 
  • Developing relationships. 
  • Working towards employment. 
  • Managing your finances. 
  • Enhancing your health and wellbeing. 
  • Maintaining your home. 
  • Learning how to cook. 
  • Using public transport safely. 
  • Understanding personal safety. 

Are you looking for a change of living arrangements?

Everyone needs a place to call their own. If you’re looking to move out of home or find a new living arrangement, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We can help you find an Individualized Living Option (ILO) or Supported Independent Living (SIL) arrangement that suits your specific needs, enabling you to live as independently as possible.

From assisting family and friends to help you stay in your family home, to moving into your own place, sharing with others or finding a Host Arrangement – we can find a Home & Living Option that is perfect for you.

  • Supported Independent Living
    Supported Independent Living (SIL) is help with and/or supervision of daily tasks to develop the skills you need to live as independently as possible. With years of experience, we can assist you to find a home of your own, supporting your growing independence while also being there whenever you need us. From supporting you a couple of hours a day to 24/7 Support – We provide you with the support you want and need to feel comfortable and secure living in a home by yourself.
  • Shared Living
    Shared Living is where you choose to share a home with other people. We get to know you to come up with an arrangement that’s unique to you, so you can get the most of your funding and live in a way that makes you happy.
  • Host Arrangements
    Host Arrangement is a type of Shared Living arrangement where a host welcomes you to live in their home. This can be full-time or short break (respite) basis. The host may be a single person, couple or family. Each Host Arrangement is unique, according to your and the host’s circumstances. But they all have one thing in common – They provide a safe, stable, and nurturing home environment for you and welcome you to become part of their lives.
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)
    Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to housing specifically designed to support people with significant disabilities who require specialised housing solutions. These homes are designed to meet the needs of individuals with complex support requirements. Interchange has partnered with Perth SDA builders to offer you safe and accessible SDA homes across Perth.

Find out more about how we can support you in your home, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.