A poem for Keenan

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This poem was written by Interchange Community Facilitator Jo Van Dyk for her customer and friend, Keenan.


Interchange Maddington customer, KeenanI first met Keenan over three years ago,

His thoughts and feelings, he would not show.

He had not long left school and was very shy,

These days I feel that Keenan could fly.


The journey I’ve had with him and how he has grown,

Is something so worthy for all to be shown.

Not interested in laughter yoga and then becoming a star,

With his monkey antics and lots more by far.


To going to Pot Black and not knowing the game,

Customer Keenan buying his lunch at SubwayHis peers have taught him, he’s in for fame.

From mosaic classes, cooking classes and so much more,

Listening skills, manners, so proud that’s for sure.


Keenan now purchases lunch on his own,

WOW, how my little buddy has grown.

At the library his skills get better each week,

Making positive relationships without having to seek.


Keenan, my buddy, I am so proud

You will forever shine out, in the crowd.


Jo Van Dyk

Community Facilitator