Eloise the Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur and Interchange customer Eloise Bolam is doing a roaring trade with her small business, making and selling hand-made greeting cards.

Eloise is a keen and talented photographer and dedicates a lot of her time to photographing landscapes, plants, animals and people for her cards. She creates a variety of styles in all shapes and sizes, and has an extensive collection of themes and images to draw from.

Eloise uses computer software to edit her images until she is satisfied with them and also does all of the other leg work herself – editing, printing, designing and distributing all of her cards. Eloise thinks it is important for her cards to have a personal touch, so she has also recently begun writing descriptive texts to explain and compliment the images she uses.

The cards are already distributed via Waldecks stores and Eloise regularly visits the Waldecks shops in Karrinyup and Kingsway to re-stock. The next objective is to source more outlets to sell her cards such as shops, garden centres and craft fairs.

Eloise recently distributed a box of Christmas cards to four of the Interchange offices for staff and customers to purchase, and they are selling out fast.

She previously used some of the money she made from her business to help fund her participation in the 2014 Special Olympics, so we look forward to seeing what she does next!

If you would like to see the range or purchase cards, please contact Eloise at eloise.bolam@gmail.com.