NDIS Price Guide Changes and how we can support you

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Dear Valued Customers,

How we can Support You and NDIS Price Guide Changes

We know times are tough and we hope you are safe and healthy. Interchange has been providing quality services for people with disability for almost 30 years and we continue to do so in these challenging times.

We can support you through the current coronavirus crisis. Our staff follow physical distancing guidelines and have infection control training.

Changes to how we Support you

In order to assist you and to keep you and our staff safe we have adjusted our supports to help during this time, this includes:

  • Personal one to one support through both face to face and phone / online
  • Maintaining your social connections and well-being
  • Stocking up essential items and grocery shopping
  • Filling scripts from pharmacies
  • Running essential tasks and errands
  • Helping out around your home
  • Assisting you in participating in an online community
  • Working on your goals and outcomes planning and reviews
  • Phone and online information support regarding COVID-19

Impact of Covid on Interchange and our response to the risks

Due to Covid, Interchange has experienced a significant reduction in demand for services as people and families we support make the difficult decisions they need to make to keep themselves safe.  We absolutely understand and support your right and choice to put your health and those you care for first when making decisions about services from us.

For Interchange this means the coronavirus health crisis is creating an Interchange financial crisis. We do not want or expect the people and families we support to expose yourself to risks due to our financial pressures, but we would hope you understand why we are adopting the new NDIS Covid prices (see below) and why we would love you to think about how our valued staff can still connect with you and help you.

Supporting you at a distance

Examples include:

  • Preparing to plan for Covid
  • Phone Mentor
  • Virtual (online) Buddy
  • Coordinator of Support (as your personal assistant).
  • There are many ways in which we can provide meaningful support for you that is not face to face and keeps you safe.

Of course, for those that need it, services still include in-home support, domestic support and personal care.  Disability support is an essential service, and even if there is a government restriction on movement, such as a forced lockdown, basic and essential services can continue.  If that is what you need from us, please keep in contact.

Putting it very simply, if you feel we can provide meaningful support to help you during this difficult time, please ask us.  It will help you and help us to pay our staff and have a sustainable future after the Covid health crisis is over.

Service cancellations mean that after the notice period ends our staff wages are not funded, by continuing your pattern of services (or even reduced services) we can help pay our staff who rely on us as their employer.  Please talk to your Team Leader about what this might mean for you.  We know the NDIS plans are being extended so we would not expect your support would impact your future services.

NDIS Price Guide Changes

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has recognised the financial impact on organisations during this crisis and implemented immediate changes to the NDIS price guidelines. Please find further information at https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-pricing.

Interchange will adopt the following changes effective from 25 March 2020:

  • Temporary increases in price limits: Price limits have been increased by 10% for a number of items in the NDIS Support Catalogue. This increase is temporary for six months and will be reviewed at a later
  • Cancellations Policy: The short notice cancellation policy has also been reviewed by the Agency and is now a notice period of 10 business
  • Increased access to Support Coordination: You can now use core support funding to have greater access to support coordination services if you need

We know many people are understandably anxious and concerned but please know that Interchange and our staff are committed to ensure that people with disability continue to have access to the support you need from us.

Thank you for your understanding if you have any questions contact us at hello@interchangewa.org.au, call 9329 9399, visit https://www.interchangewa.org.au/covid-19-updates/ or find us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Please find a PDF Version of this letter here Customer Letter_NDIS Price Guide 270320

Yours sincerely

Justin O’Meara Smith
CEO, Interchange WA

27 March 2020