Share Your Life – Be A Companion

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Share Your Life – Be A Companion

Are you looking for a rewarding job, companionship and a beautiful home to share in Madeley?

Interchange WA is seeking a live-in companion for a man in his 40’s in a wheelchair with an acquired disability. He owns his own home but needs live‑in support to maintain his independence and connect with his community.

He is looking for an individual or couple to move into the four bedroom home he shares with his beautiful dog, Mollie. He is outgoing, friendly and has a great sense of humour. His interests include soccer, music, gardening, attending the gym and painting. Prior to his accident he was a computer technician and still enjoys technology, computers and gaming.

He is looking for a supporter that is energetic and fun to share his home and life. He needs assistance with his personal care, daily living and domestic tasks such as cooking, which he truly enjoys. He also has a wonderful garden, where he grows his own vegetables and herbs. He would love for someone to share his interest and support him with some of the tasks he finds difficult to complete on his own.

He really wants to be an active part of his local community and broaden his social networks, and would like someone to assist him in attending the gym, go to the pub and other social outings.  With the help of his family, he will be your employer while being supported by Interchange.

Who is Interchange?

For more than 25 years, Interchange has supported West Australians with disability to achieve their goals. We offer individualised, local community based support that sows the seeds for a fulfilling life. Our passion is to help the people we support to continue to grow and flourish in their home and community. Interchange supports people and families across the greater Perth Metropolitan area through funding from the Department of Communities: Disability Services, NDIS and WA NDIS.

What is a Companion?

At Interchange we believe that people with disability flourish when they live in the most home-like environment with people who believe in them, share their lives and support them to live as independently as possible. A Companion is a person (or couple) open and willing to share a home and their life with others.

In this situation the man has his own home and is looking for someone to share it with and be his employee and live-in support. You would receive a wage and free rent in exchange for your companionship and support.

These arrangements offer stability, companionship, security and the opportunity to maintain and establish relationships, social connections and share new life experiences. Each arrangement is as unique as the hundreds of people we support and vary, depending on the unique needs, lifestyle and preferences of the person with disability and their companions.


We are looking for full time and also back up companions. To find out more about this opportunity please contact:

Rebecca Emery

T 08 6323 2207