Our Approach

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Putting people in the centre of everything we do.

There is nothing stopping you from choosing what you want – you just need the willpower to do it and it does help if you do have good people behind you, backing you.

As an NDIS provider, our role to providing support comes from our belief that Everyone Belongs. Embracing this value, we have refined this approach we now call ‘Neighbourhoods’.

Neighbourhoods are founded on real connections and meaningful relationships within our community. We believe the deepest connections are with the people surrounding you; the people you trust.

We know you often have many people around you who are all part of your Support Team: family, friends, trusted colleagues and other NDIS supports. Working together with your team, we can provide support to you, but also learn from each other. We will build a customer team around you and connect you to a Mini Team. That way you will have peace of mind, knowing you have support from a team who know you.

Our model of Neighbourhood Teams are led by an experienced team leader who provides ongoing support and development to the support workers in their locality. When needed, they provide guidance, and are a key contact for you.

The Interchange Team recognises that whilst we are focused on individual people and their supporters, we also exist within a larger group of people who are each, in their own way, working to achieve our mission – helping people with disability to live a good life where Everyone Belongs.