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Every teenager wants to live the life they choose. We support you to build your confidence so you can create independence, increase skills, access your community and enjoy your life. We develop relationships with you and your family based around open communication and positive interactions. We know that peers and friendships are important at this age and we focus on helping you to socialise and develop your communication skills with opportunities to join sports and other leisure activities.

When I got diagnosed with a condition that impacts my whole body I was afraid – staying positive helps me. I have hopes and dreams for the future, which I want to achieve.

Our Services

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills are skills you use in your everyday life. They are activities in your home, at school, work or in the community. Things like cooking, cleaning, using money, exercising or getting around are considered Daily Living Skills. Interchange can support you with your Daily Living Skills. We can help you to do tasks on your own, or with our assistance when needed, so you can live a happy and fulfilling life – a life you choose.

Developing Capacity and Learning

Here at Interchange, we truly understand the importance of personal development and independence. We can assist you to learn or improve skills that help you to be more independent and ultimately live your own life. Self-Care, managing finances, enhancing health and wellbeing and developing relationships are just a few of the things we can help you with.

Support Design and Planning 

Together we work on understanding your funding and its purposes. We will discover what you want and need from our disability support services and design support solutions that focus on you, your interests and personal goals.

Finding and keeping a job

Having a job or volunteering helps to develop a socially valued role and a meaningful place in our community. You can get a better sense of what is happening in your neighbourhood, build on your independence and feel that you a truly part of something. Finding paid employment for people with disability can be challenging but we know everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce. With years of valuable experience, we can connect you to a wide range of employment options that match your interests, skills and ambitions.

Support Coordination

Finding and coordinating the support services you need to live a good life can be tough. Our team of friendly and experienced Support Coordinators are here to help. Together with your Support Coordinator, you explore how to best use your NDIS funding to maximise the benefits of your plan and get to where you want to be, faster.


For many people with a disability, transport is about much more than simply going from point A to point B – it’s about freedom, independence and education. Let us help you get where you need to go safely. Wherever possible we support you to learn and
be comfortable using public transport options. Not only does it help you to become more independent, it is also a good use of the limited NDIS funding for transport. We can also support your needs through our fleet of standard and modified vehicles.

Social and Community Participation

As an active and engaged member of your local community you can develop valuable relationships, skills and a sense of belonging. Our Support Workers follow your lead, interests and goals to help you connecting with your community. We can support you to participate in community events, join interest or hobby groups, or meet like-minded people. You get to choose how and when you want to participate.

Individual Living Options

There is no place like home – Everyone needs a place to call their own. A place where we can relax and unwind. Where we can make choices and gain a sense of independence. Or maybe a place where we feel part of a family. Are you thinking about leaving home? We can support you in finding a home that suits your individual needs so you can live as independently as possible. From assisting family and friends to help you stay in your family home, to moving into your own place, sharing with others or finding a Host Arrangement – we can help find the right solution for you.

Plan Management 

Managing your NDIS Plan on your own can be overwhelming. The paperwork seems at times endless and the administration can be exhausting. That’s where we come in! Our NDIS Plan Managers help you in getting the most out of your plan and save you time by dealing with your providers, managing your budget, paying your invoices, and giving independent guidance. We work with you to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan so you can live your best life. It’s fast, easy, and best of all, you still have the freedom of choice.

Find out more about how we can support you in this important stage of your life, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.