Rotary Employment Project for people with disabilities

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The Facts

  • 46% of all working age people with disability are not in the work force.
  • 66% of organisations that employ people with disabilities identify positive benefits.
  • 90% of employees with a disability record productivity rates equal to or greater than other workers.

About the project

The employment outcomes for people with disability in Australia are poor. Their high rates of unemployment and low workforce participation create significant social and economic costs for Australia as a whole.

Inclusion Solution’s Rotary Employment Project is the first of its kind in WA. It focuses on finding opportunities within the community that connect an individual to employment, based on their interests and skill sets. Inclusion Solutions and Rotary Clubs around WA are identifying local businesses that can offer valued roles to individuals in a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer.

Meaningful employment is essential not only to an individual’s economic security but also their physical and mental health, personal well being and sense of identity.

This project gives the person with a disability choice and control based on their capacity to engage in meaningful employment. The Rotary Employment Partnership Project also up skills, equips, and builds the capacity of employers to ensure equal, fair, and inclusive treatment of all people with disabilities in their employment.

If you would like to drive this project, are looking to create an inclusive workplace or are looking for meaningful employment yourself find out more about the project HERE

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