Finding & Keeping A Job

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It has always been my dream to become my own boss! With the help of Begonya and Joy from Interchange, I have started a microbusiness, Chris’ Gardening Services. I love helping people in their gardens and it is great to be making my own money while doing something I am passionate about. – Chris from Chris’ Gardening Services, Rockingham Neighbourhood

Having a job helps to develop a socially-valued role and a meaningful place in our community. Finding a job for people with disability may be challenging, and many people face discrimination and accessibility issues. At Interchange we know everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce and we are determined to help you find a role, which matches your interests, skills and ambitions.

Interchange is not an employer, but an enabler and support service for employment. With years of valuable experience we can connect people to a wide range of employment options. From supported and open employment, to self-employment, micro-enterprise or customised employment solutions – we have the right fit for every skill and passion.

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