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Finding & Keeping A Job

It has always been my dream to become my own boss! With the help of Begonya and Joy from Interchange, I have started a microbusiness, Chris’ Gardening Services. I love helping people in their gardens and it is great to be making my own money while doing something I am passionate about. – Chris from Chris’ Gardening Services, Rockingham Neighbourhood

The importance of having a job

Having a job or volunteering helps to develop a socially-valued role and a meaningful place in our community. You can get a better sense of what is happening in your community, build on your independence and feel that you a truly part of something. Finding paid employment for people with disability can be challenging, and at times people may face discrimination and accessibility issues. At Interchange we know everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce and we are determined to help you find a role, which matches your interests, skills and ambitions.

Meet Brandon

Brandon’s Shredding Boxes and Interchange work hand in hand. Interchange has been our number one supporter and has been an important component in the ongoing success of Brandon’s Micro Business. Thank you for your confidence, enthusiasm and belief in what Brandon can achieve. – Simone Tomic, Brandon’s mother


Personalised Job Development

We understand that many people who want to work are missing out because they may not tick all of the boxes required to fulfill a traditional job role. That’s why our Support Workers are trained in personalised job development, creating and tailoring work opportunities based on your own unique talents. Your Support Team will assist you in discovering your skills and passion to identify and create a job role, or small business, tailored specifically to you.

It’s quite simple – nothing about me without me! Together we discover your gifts and help you to find places for those gifts to be turned into the opportunity of employment. – Justin O’Meara Smith, CEO of Interchange

Your way to employment with Interchange

Interchange is not an employer, but an enabler and support service for employment. With years of valuable experience, we can empower you and connect you to a wide range of employment options. From supported and open employment to self-employment, micro-enterprise or customised employment solutions – we have the right fit for every skill and passion.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

Disability Employment Services is the Australian Government’s employment service that helps people with disability find and maintain work. The DES offers career advice, employment preparation, resume development, and training. They can also help with job searching, ongoing support at work if you require it, and even funding for necessary workplace modifications and wage subsidies for employers.

Your Interchange Support Team can assist you with transport to and from appointments, paperwork and other areas that will help you to find a job you love.

Job Carving

Job Carving is a supported employment strategy. It can mean creating, modifying or customising a job so that it can be successfully performed by someone with a disability. By carving out skills from several jobs, they could be combined into a new job that is tailored to fit the skills, preferences and level of support you require while also meeting the needs of the employer.

Together with your Support Team you can discover your talents and abilities and find an area of work you may be interested in pursuing.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

If you are a person with a disability and have a current NDIS plan, you are eligible for School Leaver Employment Supports when you are in Year 12. When leaving school you will receive supports for up to two years that are focused on improving employment opportunities and getting you work-ready.

Your Interchange supports are tailored specifically to you and meeting your employment goals. They can include things such as work experience and skills development e.g. time management, travelling, money handling, taking instructions and understanding expectations.

Our School Leaver Employment Supports follow an individualised, person-centred approach to develop skills and confidence in a young person, while also keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Open Employment

Working in an ‘open employment’ means having a job in the general labour market. We can assist job seekers with a disability who need support to gain and retain employment in the general labour market by helping you find a job, support you while training for a particular job or even continue to provide support after your employment commences.


Pursuing a micro-enterprise is something we can assist you with achieving. This could mean a small business with a start-up cost of less than $500 that can be owned and operate by you with support from the NDIS, your support networks such as family and friends and us.

We can help you discover a product or service you are passionate about, co-design your business plan and provide you with as much support as required. Our goal is for you and your business to become a thriving part of the community.

It has always been my dream to become my own boss! With the help of Begonya and Joy from Interchange, I have started a microbusiness, Chris’ Gardening Services. I love helping people in their gardens and it is great to be making my own money while doing something I am passionate about. – Chris from Chris’ Gardening Services, Rockingham Neighbourhood

Customised Employment

At Interchange we can support you to find a job that is specifically tailored to meet your interests, strengths and support needs. Within our Customised Employment approach we will discover your interests, skills and preferences related to potential employment. Together we will then develop a plan towards meaningful employment by determining a list of potential employers and employment opportunities. To ensure your and the employer’s needs are met we can also set up ongoing supports.


Volunteering is unpaid work. However it can be a great first step to getting paid work. Being a volunteer has lots of benefits. It’s also a great way to gather work experience, see if you like a certain area of work and build personal and work related relationships. You would be part of something, might feel more connected, and get a better sense of what’s happening in your community.

We can help you gain work experience in the field you are interested in and increase your work skills and general wellbeing. Most importantly, this could be the first steps on the pathway to future employment.

How we can help you

At Interchange we can assist you with:

  • Discovering your strengths, building your confidence and identifying potential employers
  • Finding the right job or volunteer placement for you, your abilities and interests
  • Creating resumes, apply for job openings and preparing together for job interviews
  • Workplace assessments and creating an induction plan with your employer
  • Settling into your new role and providing clarity around what is required of you
  • Ongoing coaching to help you deliver your best throughout your job experience and maintaining your job long term
  • Transport to and from interviews and/or work
  • 1:1 support from a Support Worker at your workplace
  • Finding a product or service you are passionate about and creating your own personal business or micro-enterprise

Meet Andrew & Andrew

Our customer Andrew is currently volunteering at Salvation’s Army but does dream of a job working with something that has been fascinating him since his early childhood – airplanes!

The young man has been with us for the past 7 years and is currently attending TAFE for music, dancing and acting. Andrew LOVES to have a laugh, especially when spending time with his favourite Support Worker, Andrew. The pair stepped in front of the camera to give us a comical look at what dressing for a job interview could look like. Would you wear a Santa costume when applying for a job? No? Well, neither would Andrew!

We are here to help!

We understand how different and unique each and every person truly is. Every skill you have is an important one that we want to explore and help you to build on. From helping you to create your own resume, to supporting you to stay in your job – We are here to help.

No matter how big or small you think your talent may be, we believe in you.

Find out more about how we can help you in finding and keeping a job, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.