Individual Living Options

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Other people thought I can’t grow up but I knew I can grow up. When I moved into my own home I felt so happy. – Shane, Maddington Neighbourhood

Everyone needs a place to call home. A place where we can relax and unwind. A place we can make choices and gain a sense of independence, or maybe a place where we feel part of a family. At Interchange, we know that home can mean different things to different people and we can help you find the right type of home to suit you.

We can support you with a range of living options from assisting family, friends and other support people to help you remain in the family home, to helping you to move out into a home of your own, or share with others. We can also support you to find a host arrangement with an alternative family carer.

Whatever you prefer, we can guide and support you to develop the skills and networks required to live as independently as possible in a home of your choosing.

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