Shared Management

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Shared Management is recognised as an approach for people and families to partner with providers to manage their NDIS funding arrangements, lead the set up and managing of their services and employ their own support staff.

Shared Management arrangements can be established as Agency Management; Plan Management or Self Management.


The Shared Management arrangements, enables the customer or family and Interchange to share responsibility for completing key tasks and meeting all of the legal obligations associated with delivering NDIS funded supports and services to the individual.


Key responsibilities that are discussed and agreed in Shared Management arrangements include:

  • Budgeting and budget monitoring;
  • Secure record keeping (financial, personal, etc);
  • Financial auditing;
  • Complying with service delivery quality and safeguarding standards;
  • Compiling and submitting yearly reports;
  • Recruiting, orientating, inducting, training, rostering and supervising support people;
  • Paying workers compensation and other insurance premiums;
  • Paying wages and invoices;
  • Submitting income tax payments to the ATO;
  • Paying Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (SGC); and
  • Meeting all other legal requirements.

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