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I work very closely with the people we support to develop and set up a plan, that reflects their personal goals. I recently worked with someone who wanted to focus on getting employment and a driver’s licence. Interchange staff supported the person with his goals and both were achieved. It was a great achievement for the person himself and awesome for us to be a part of his journey. – Brett Bradley, Community Engager at Interchange

Our Community Engagers work together with you to understand your funding and its purposes. We will discover with you what you want and need from our disability support services. Together we will develop and design support solutions that focus on you, your interests and personal goals. We will include different networks in your support team, family, friends, your local community and us.

Find out more about how we can assist you in planning your support, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.