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Together we work on understanding your funding and its purposes. We will discover what you want and need from our disability support services and design support solutions that focus on you, your interests and personal goals.

We focus on getting the people we support the services they need to live a good life.” – Brett, Community Engager Interchange

Support Design & Planning

How do I set up supports?

The first person you will meet from Interchange is your Community Engager. They will get to know you, get an idea of who you are and what your everyday life looks like. Together you will set up and develop a plan, that reflects your personal goals and your own tailored support services for:

Your Community Engager will check in with you during the life of your plan to review your funding and goals and ensure everything is on track.

Listen to Interchange Community Engager Kiera to find out how we can assist you in planning your support.

We know planning your support can be challenging. However it is an important part of your support journey and we would like to make this as easy as possible for you. We can support you with your planning by using some of your funding to work on your plan together, or with the help of your Support Coordinator.

When planning for a good life it is important to think about the things that matter the most to you. Your likes, dislikes, passions, goals, skills, the people you care about, the people who care about you, your community, work, health, and everything else that you need to live a good life. Thinking about you, your life and your future is the most important thing. To get you started and help to work out what you want and need, we have put together a free planning guide ‘iPlan – Planning for a good life’.

Find out more about how we can assist you in planning your support, Contact Us. If you are interested in our services please fill out our Customer Form, send it to and we will be in touch shortly.