The 6 National Standards for Disability Services

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Interchange is a registered NDIS Provider. Therefore, we are required to meet NDIS Quality and Safeguarding standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct. These standards ensure services are high quality and your rights and views are respected, whilst also keeping you safe.

Let’s have a closer look at the 6 National Standards for Disability Services and how we put them into action for you.

Standard 1: Rights

You have the right to be treated fairly when using disability services. At Interchange we believe that disability is caused by the way that society is organised, rather than a person’s impairment or difference. We look at ways of removing barriers and increase choices for you.

Standard 2: Participation & Inclusion

You can be a part of the community and feel included when using disability services. At Interchange, we are dedicated to creating shared experiences. Together with you, your family and friends we look for meaningful participation and active inclusion in your community.

Standard 3: Individual Outcomes

Your service supports you to make choices about what you want to do. You can work toward your individual goals. Our programs are not picked from a set menu of activities – they’re individually designed to identify and meet the goals of each person we support.

Standard 4: Feedback & Complaints

You can tell people what you think about the services you receive. We encourage customers to provide feedback via our Feedback and Complaints Resolution process, so that we can continuously improve the services we provide.

Standard 5: Service Access

Finding and using services is fair. You can access the services you need. We support customers to access our services in ways that suit them. This can include things like the use of non-verbal communication and access to interpreters.

Standard 6: Service Management

The intent of this standard is to ensure that services are managed effectively and efficiently. It requires services to be person-centred and to ensure flexibility to respond to individual strengths and needs. It also requires services to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

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6 National Standards for Disability Services