A Day in the Life of Support Coordinator Marvin

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“I get up around 5am and often will pray to start the day, if time allows, I will go for a 5km run for some morning exercise. After breakfast, I will be ready to head to work.

A normal day at the office will start off with me checking my emails, there are days when I have 30+ emails waiting for me. Afterward, I will be in meetings for or with my customers, followed by phone calls that will cover a majority of the day and more emails to attend to. I will be discussing plans, finding better support options for the people I support and liaising with stakeholders.

For lunch I will usually go to the shopping centre’s food court where I normally go for Asian food or a fruit bowl.

Back to the desk – where I continue my work by replying to more emails from customers, service providers and the NDIA. Occasionally, this will be the time of day when I will have a personal catch-up with a new or existing customer to get to know them better and to get a better feel for what they need and how they want to achieve their individual goals. For some existing customers, we catch up to go through the progress of their goals, get feedback on their activities and discuss funding utilisation and see how it is tracking.

Around 4 pm I will have achieved a lot and am ready to go home to where I will catch up with my wife and might be able to fit in a quick session on my electric drums. Alternatively, I will meet with some friends to play soccer, basketball or tennis as I love to stay active.”

Marvin has been with Interchange since 2013 and is approaching a decade in the role of supporting people with disability to live a good life!

As a Support Coordinator, he ensures his customer’s supports utilise their capacity. Helping them maintain relationships, live independently, and be included in their local communities is something that motivates him daily!

My overall goal is to support someone in managing their funds so that they are used to achieving their individual goals.

Marvin’s favourite part about being a Support Coordinator is seeing the people he supports to achieve a desired outcome and being able to be a part of that process. He also enjoys the opportunity to connect with many stakeholders in the industry.

Recently a customer achieved their goal of getting a job after a long time. The customer had been feeling depressed but after working together they were able to find and engage in psychology services leading to significant improvements and making the customer feel ready to look and find a job opportunity.

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