Dean combines his passion with his work

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Shovelling manureInterchange Midland customer Dean Lloyd loves animals.

His favourite by far are horses and ponies and he loves to ride at the Bakers Hill Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

Dean had been seeking volunteer opportunities for a while, but nothing suitable had come up. So when the opportunity came up to do some work at Landsdale Farm School, he jumped at the chance.

Dean completed his first day at the farm school a couple of weeks ago, with the support of Community Facilitator, Ainsley Swankie. He hit the ground running straight away, jumping right in with a rake to clear some leaves, before he moved onto cleaning water troughs and picking up manure from the paddocks. There was no job too dirty or hard for Dean, with the pay off being the opportunity to spend time with the horses and ponies.

Dean also met a new friend who has also started work experience at Landsdale Farm School. They worked together really well, but made sure they had fun in the process.

Dean is really looking forward to making this a new weekly activity and we can understand why – he gets to combine his passion with this work and make new friends at the same time!