Dwayne discovers a new passion

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Interchange customer, Dwayne Colmer, has embarked on a project to restore an antique set of timber drawers, and discovered a new passion and skillset in the process.

The tallboy drawers were donated to Dwayne by his key Community Facilitator at Interchange, Michelle Maley, when she noticed that the set he had was starting to fall apart. Michelle dropped the drawers off to Dwayne at his home and explained how he could use a chisel to change the colour of the drawers by stripping the old paint off.

The next time Michelle went to see Dwayne at home, she discovered that not only had he already begun to strip the paint off the drawers, but he was doing it like an absolute pro, and he was loving it!

After the chiselling work was completed, Michelle showed Dwayne how to use steel wool and methylated spirits to get the old polish off, before they could start sanding all the old wood back. Dwayne has remained committed to and enthusiastic about this project over the past six weeks, and staff at his home have commented on the pride he has taken in his work.

The next step will be to apply French polish with shellac, which they hope to complete in the next few weeks.

Here’s to the start of a new passion and hobby!