Dylan develops tool to communicate with customers

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Dylan Green has devised a unique way of communicating with customers on his regular beat in the Smart Street Mall in Mandurah, where he sells The Big Issue magazine.

Since signing on as a vendor this month, Dylan started to see regular customers and many people stopped to have a chat with him, but he was having trouble communicating verbally.

His solution was to develop a communication card, with the support of Interchange Community Facilitator Julie-Ann Jones. The card thanks people for their purchase and explains to them that Dylan will provide them with their change shortly. This has made a huge difference and enabled Dylan to communicate more confidently and effectively with his customers.

He wears his new uniform proudly and has entered into a contract with The Big Issue, which outlines his responsibilities as a vendor. And he has hit the ground running, selling out in his first two weeks on the job!

With the support of his Community Facilitator, Dylan also travels to Perth every Tuesday on the train to collect magazine stock for the week and practice his transport skills.

Dylan’s goal is to improve his sales and save the money he earns by depositing it weekly into a new bank account.

You can catch Dylan every Friday from 9am to 1pm at the Smart Street Mall in Mandurah.

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