Farewell & thanks to an Interchange superstar

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We have only recently celebrated Human Resources & Training Manager Carole Bakers ten years of service at Interchange, and now it’s time to say farewell. Carole has tendered her resignation at Interchange – with her last day being April 1, 2016.

Carole has been with Interchange since 1995 and has excelled in a whole range of service and management positions: from Community Facilitator, to Coordinator, to Human Resource and Training Manager. Carole was a driving force in reshaping Interchange from an old fashioned family-based suburban operation into the thriving and well respected organisation we are today.

Carole (left) with Interchange customers and CEO, Wendel Bamford

We are proud to have the best and most committed staff in all of Western Australia. And we have Carole to thank for that, always seeking to recruit the very best workers and ensuring all our staff have the training and support they need.

Carole has been a great advocate for people with disabilities in Western Australia. She has helped so many of our customers achieve their goals, while also supporting the careers of literally hundreds of staff. Her professionalism has always come with a personal touch, and her sense of fairness and social justice has inspired us all.

So it is with great sorrow, but also with great appreciation, that we say farewell to Carole, and job well done!