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There is no place like home – Everyone needs a place to call their own. A place where we can relax and unwind. Where we can make choices and gain a sense of independence. Or maybe a place where we feel part of a family.

At Interchange, we know there is no one size fits all and we can support you in finding a home that suits your individual needs so you can live as independently as possible. From assisting family and friends to help you stay in your family home, to moving into your own place, sharing with others or finding a Host Arrangement in Perth and or the Peel region – our range of individualised living options means we’ll find the right solution for you.

Housing Exploration

We can support you with your housing needs through the initial Living and Housing Exploration. We take not only your needs into account but your goals and dreams. We are here to help you explore your Individual Living Options (ILO) and find what is right for you. We get to know you to ensure you have informed choices to make decisions about where and with whom you want to live and how your supports can enable you to live a good life – a life you choose.

We divide your Housing Exploration process into two main steps.

Step 1: Exploration and Design. Together we will:

  • explore where and how you want to live,
  • exploring your strengths and capabilities,
  • learn how ILO supports can improve and build your skills,
  • choose where you live, who you live with and how you want to be supported,
  • understand how supports from other parties can play a role in your ILO,
  • explore options and assess any risks related to your preferences,
  • design and make decisions about your ILO, with the people who support you.


Step 2 – Supports. Together we will:

  • find housemates, co-residents or hosts,
  • assist where possible to find the right home,
  • build and organise the support package,
  • prepare and action the move to your new living arrangement,
  • ensure that you achieve your ILO goals,
  • undertake dispute resolution and problem solving,
  • ensure your safety in the living arrangement and ensure compliance with NDIS Practice Standard and Code of Conduct Ongoing monitoring,
  • review and redesign your living arrangement in response to changes in your life or capacity.


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