Interchange expert presents at Positive Behaviour Forum

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Interchange Positive Behaviour expert and Operations Manager, Chris Stuhmcke, was invited to present at the recent Positive Behaviour Framework update, hosted by the Disability Services Commission (DSC) on Thursday 10 March.

Chris was invited to speak along with other experts including Joanna Davis from GISFA and Bruce Langoulant, Chair of the DSC Board.

Chris presented a personal perspective on his experiences working with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Restrictive Practices in both Queensland and WA.

Chris discussed the differences between the Queensland and WA frameworks, with Queensland adopting legislative guidelines which govern the use of PBS. By contrast, WA’s approach to PBS is not regulated.

Despite the differences, Chris highlighted that the single most significant component to an effective PBS is organisational values and ethos, rather than government regulation.

Chris shared his insights into how PBS can be implemented successfully within an organisation, regardless of whether that organisation operates within a heavily regulated PBS environment.

He also addressed the pros and cons of both regulated and unregulated PBS frameworks.

This forum follows the inaugural Positive Behaviour Support Forum, which was held in July 2015.