Interchange team member ‘stands out above all others’

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We already know we have the best staff going around, but it is a delight when other people notice too!

We were contacted by Library Officer Fiona Millar from the City of Gosnells, who had this to say about Community Facilitator, Jo Van Dyk.

I am a library officer at The Knowledge Centre, where Keenan comes in each Tuesday.

I have seen Jo come in with Keenan for a few years now and I have to say that I have never seen a carer take such an interest in his or her charges. She never leaves the others out either and gives them the same time and care she gives to Keenan.

It must be a stressful and demanding job (if you do it properly which she most certainly does), but she is always patient, interested and spends time with each one. I have found many carers come in and read a magazine while their charges go around alone. She genuinely cares, which I have found to be extremely rare indeed.

I felt compelled to pass this on to you. I have been meaning to for a while now and I am glad I have finally done it. In closing I would say if I had a child with special needs I would be ecstatic if I knew they were being cared for by Jo.

Fiona Millar