Lily’s cooking sees her become ‘masterchef’ of her domain

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Cooking has always interested Interchange Myaree customer, Lily Whineray, but it wasn’t until she moved into her own home that she began to take it really seriously.

Moving into her own pad with her partner gave Lily the motivation to step things up a notch, after regularly attending group cooking classes at the Hilton PCYC.

In April this year, she decided to challenge herself with new recipes and ingredients. She also decided on a couple of new goals; to become more independent in the kitchen and develop the skills she needed to budget for her supermarket shopping and weekly menu planning.

So, together with her Community Facilitator, Kirsten Campbell, Lily starting researching healthy foods and looked at ways to adopt a more nutritious approach to her food shopping and meal selections. She has experimented with some new recipes including Supergreen Ricotta Cannelloni and Cauliflower Fried Rice, cooking independently at home with Kirsten’s support. Lily has also been working on her time management skills in the kitchen.

The results so far have been nutritious and delicious, so we look forward to seeing what Lily comes up with next!

Cauliflower fried rice – yum!