Meet Joy – Nominee WA Disability Support Awards 2020

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What a wonderful start to 2020 with ten of our dedicated Interchangers nominated for the WA Disability Support Awards for going beyond ordinary standards and making a difference in the lives of the people they support. Leading up to the big night on the 9th May, we will tell you more about our nominees, because we think they are amazing and we’re very proud of what they have achieved. Let’s start by…

Celebrating Joy Rotairo! – Nominated for Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities.

I absolutely love seeing the people I work with improve, achieve their goals and blossoming by having real job opportunities.  – Joy Rotairo, Support Worker Interchange WA

Joy has been working with Interchange for almost 2 years, helping the people she supports work towards attaining the perfect job for them. She is an absolute superstar when it comes to helping people discover their own unique skills and talents, and then identify, or even create, a job or small business that fits them perfectly.

Everyone benefits from having a meaningful job and everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce. – Joy Rotairo, Support Worker Interchange WA

Joy constantly displays ‘Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities’ because she sincerely cares about the people she supports. Truly getting to know the individual and their hopes and dreams for the future is the greatest joy for the aptly named Joy. It takes time to discover strengths, weaknesses and identify goals, and she doesn’t mind putting in extra hours when it comes to finding and keeping a job for the people she supports. To increase employment opportunities, Joy even approaches local businesses to discuss employing people with disabilities, inform about common misconceptions and thereby reduce barriers.

Joy’s incredible efforts are consistent and fruitful. For example, Joy supported Brandon Tomic to get his micro business Brandon’S Shredding Boxes off the ground, which is now a raging success. She secured work experience for Ricki McKnight at PC Doctor, encouraged Darren Cooper to find multiple Volunteer placements and currently supports Jasmine Anderson in her dream of cultivating honey and bees as a micro business. Joy also helped Chris Littlemore fulfil his ambition of becoming his own boss.

It has always been my dream to become my own boss! With the help of Begonya and Joy from Interchange, I have started a microbusiness, Chris’ Gardening Services. I love helping people in their gardens and it is great to be making my own money while doing something I am passionate about. – Chris Littlemore Customer Interchange WA

We couldn’t do the things we do without our dedicated staff, committed to their vital roles. Thank you, Joy, for all your hard work, commitment and passion in supporting people with disabilities to fulfil their dreams. We are incredibly proud to have people like you amongst us going above and beyond. Every day your support, encouragement and expertise, continues to make a difference. You are a winner already. We’ll leave you with the words of Racheal Ali, mother of Interchange Customer Kyle Phillips.

When Kyle first started with Interchange, he was extremely anxious and lacked real confidence. Work possibilities for Kyle looked bleak as I couldn’t possibly imagine him ever being confident to head out to work, develop the skills needed to listen to instructions and perform work duties. When Joy came on board as Kyle’s Support Worker, she had him enrolled with Bizlink within a few short weeks and was putting in extra work to help Kyle reach his end goal.  Kyle’s entire spirit lifted, and I could see that he had a real sense of self-worth due to the amazing work that Joy was doing with him. He listens to her, and he always says to me that Joy just gets stuff done and is amazing.

If you would like to know how Interchange can support you with your employment goals find more information HERE