Stories of Interchange – Meet Natasha!

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They are nice, take good care of me and make me feel at home.”

Natasha’s been living in a host arrangement with Lynne, Martin, their son Bran, and nephew Dale, for the past three years. An active participant in their home and family life, she enjoys going on adventures with them and feels included and safe in a home environment. Friendly and energetic, Natasha loves dancing, swimming, and gardening and would like a Karaoke party for her upcoming 21st birthday party.

Transitioning to adulthood with great success, Natasha now uses public transport on a regular basis (with the support of Interchange staff) and has secured and maintained a volunteer placement at Riding for the Disabled , where she also participates in lessons. Natasha has many interests and has started to learn sign language so she can communicate with some of her non-verbal friends. Instrumental in the initiation of the kitchen garden at our Morley office, Olive Tree House, Natasha takes great pride in its upkeep.

Natasha’s made friends and regularly participates in activities, demonstrating a level of focus and commitment in learning new skills. One of her goals was to feel comfortable, safe and a sense of belonging. Feeling she’s achieved this, Natasha now plans to enrol in a TAFE course, and has long term ambitions of becoming a dance teacher or dog trainer. For the future, she would like to continue developing essential skills like cooking, laundry and managing her finances, so she can reach her goal of living independently.

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