Meet the CEO – Justin O’Meara Smith

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Our CEO Justin O’Meara Smith celebrates his 3 year anniversary with our organisation – perfect timing to have a closer look at the person who steers the ship at Interchange and just LOVES a good (or bad) dad joke 😉

Once studying to be a catholic priest young Justin wasn’t necessarily planning on working in the disability sector. However after deciding to change careers Justin was looking for opportunities to make a change and have a positive impact.

“I was looking for a career that would benefit the community and myself. I wanted to feel as though my work had meaning. It is important to me that I am challenged to do my best and that I am part of a community that does good deeds.”

Justin truly enjoys supporting people with disability to live a fulfilling life. Within his role as Chief Executive Officer he strives to create an environment in which our staff and organisation can make a meaningful contribution to the life of a person with disability.

“I believe there is something extraordinary about our people and about the work we do.  I am proud of what we do – helping people with disabilities to achieve their potential and live a good life.”

Everyone at Interchange agrees that Justin is really fun to be around and enjoys sharing a laugh with the team. However when it comes to protecting and promoting the dignity of every person and giving people in need a voice, Justin is on a serious mission.

 “Whilst all people are equal, we must consider how the lives of the most vulnerable people are impacted or enhanced by our lives and the decisions we make. See the person and share a little about yourself so that they can share a little about themselves. Be part of creating a welcoming community.”

Justin we are glad you hung up your clerical collar and chose to lead us in supporting people living with disability to live a great life and create a world where EVERYONE BELONGS.

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