My Support Coordinator is my Back-Up Voice

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When Catalina was on the hunt for someone to support her on her journey as an NDIS participant, she came across Interchange on Google and instantly felt like it was the right fit for her.

It isn’t always easy to communicate with all involved parties and to get the most out of a plan. The NDIS marketplace can be confusing and having someone who knows their way around it can be very helpful. This is where Marvin our Interchange Support Coordinator came in.

Catalina was facing many obstacles before commencing her Support Coordination with Interchange in 2019. She had plans that weren’t what she had expected and she was thankful to be getting support from her Support Coordinator Marvin by organizing a review of her plan. The review was successful and helped to open new doors.

Marvin is there when I need his support. He also supported my partner in all things about my plan and service providers when I had to be admitted to the hospital. Whenever I had any issues or things that made me feel overwhelmed, Marvin was there to support me and fix any issues. When I am facing problems he helps by breaking them down into manageable steps.

Catalina has reached many goals since receiving supports from Interchange. She has been doing more of the things she enjoys and she is living a good life.

I have been getting out of the house more. I can now go to a cafe near my house and I have a good daily routine. I have increased the distance I can walk and I have also been in hospital less. Marvin has even helped me get into a local Respite Care.

Marvin provides support to Catalina in several ways. Marvin will speak to supporting agencies on her behalf. If there are any communication issues, he is her back-up voice. He will communicate with the NDIS for Catalina and makes sure there are no problems with her plan. And if she ever has any questions, Marvin is there to answer them.

He has even helped me find support agencies that offer better supports for what I want and need and is currently in the process of organizing a recovery coach for me. Marvin always has my back.

Catalina is grateful for the easy communication with Marvin. Marvin keeps regular contact with her with calls or emails and always responds to messages quickly. He also stays in close contact with all the support providers and agencies that are part of her plan to ensure any issues get resolved instantly.

I have learned that I can rely on Marvin and he will always be there to solve problems with me.

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