Our Founding Story – 30 Years Interchange

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Did you know we are celebrating Interchange’s 30th anniversary this year?

Well, it’s true! Three decades of great achievements, strong relationships and putting people in the centre of everything we do. Let’s have a look how it all began…

Interchange was formed in 1991 by local families who wanted to provide better support options for their children. The name Interchange was chosen to emphasise that positive social change was dependent on the full integration of people with disability into community life. Change through integration, hence Interchange.

Beginning with 30 young people in 1991 from one small office in Fremantle. Today we provide support to more than 400 people with disability from all ages and backgrounds in nine Neighbourhoods across the greater Perth Region and employ over 250 qualified staff.

We have seen many changes over the past three decades, however Interchange has always stayed true to the vision of our founders – Everyone Belongs. The people we support, their goals and successes are the foundation of the work we still love doing today. Thank you for being part of our Interchange community, supporting us in what we are doing best – helping people to live a good life.

30 years Quality Supports – 30 years Everyone Belongs – 30 years Interchange

We met Interchange founding members Ron Read and his daughter Annette to find out where our AND their journey began and how it has impacted their lives. Spoiler Alert: you might want to keep some tissues handy. Please watch the video below.


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