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Our Values

Individuality, Respect, Empowerment and Belonging – these are the values Interchange as an organisation stands for. With these in mind Interchange’s purpose is to support people with disability to live a good life, foster welcoming communities that value, respect and empower people with disability and ultimately create a world where EVERYONE BELONGS.


I feel like life has no boundaries and I can go and do whatever I want to. – Carys

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment is pure validation, a state of being in which we recognise and celebrate our own or someone else’s potential.

  • It means valuing abilities, goals and learning.
  • It aids someone to feel appreciated, supported, and motivated.
  • It gives someone the sense of control in their life and creates purpose.
  • It assists someone to take ownership over the process towards achievement.
  • It creates meaning to the process of achievement and a sense of pride.
  • Overcoming fears.

How does Empowerment make people feel?

Empowering someone makes people feel emotionally supported and guided to achieving goals, for example becoming part of their community. It creates a sense of purpose for them, they feel appreciated and valued. It can help them overcome fears such as anxiety and social isolation. It makes people proud of who they are and what they are working towards and helps to established confidence to recognise this.

How can you empower someone?

  • Listen and Speak with honesty.
  • Have a conversation with the person and find out about their goals.
  • Be positive and encouraging.
  • Be appreciative.
  • Help them find their strengths.
  • Give support when someone is struggling as well as when someone is succeeding.
  • Give support but not all answers.

What can happen if someone does not feel empowered?

Without being empowered by others, we can feel lonely, unappreciated, and unsuccessful in life. We can feel small and unworthy. Being part of a community without empowerment will not feel supportive and fun. Empowerment is a strong force to help someone live a good life and will create happiness.