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I enjoyed getting away, switching off from everything that is happening and just do the things I choose to do.”

Carys enjoying her recent getaway in Busselton
Carys enjoying her recent getaway to Busselton

Many of us felt overwhelmed by the global outbreak of COVID-19 and are longing for a well-deserved break. What better way to take your mind off things then taking a relaxing trip down south. Well, that is exactly what Carys from our Osborne Park Neighbourhood did. The young women just wanted to have a quick getaway to switch off and simply have some peace and quiet.

I just felt like going outdoors and didn’t want to listen to the news and all the bad things that are happening at the moment. I just wanted a peaceful and fun time and do the things I want to do.”

Said and done. Together Carys and her Support Team organised for her to go to Busselton for a few days. Carys had been to the area with her family before and knew exactly what she wanted to see and do. She independently planned a sightseeing tour for herself and Support Worker Maya.

Maya helped me going to the places I wanted to see. She also helped to administer my medication on time, although I did remember. We had some great conversations and enjoyed witnessing the amazing creations of nature.”

Carys was so happy that she asked Maya to stop at a Gift Shop in Busselton to buy a few trinkets that would remind her of her first trip by herself. And according to Carys, it will definitely not be her last trip either.

I want to go to Europe, the Greek Islands and Japan. I feel like life has no boundaries and I can go and do whatever I want to.”

You sure can, Carys! And we are glad to be part of your incredible journey.

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