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Everyone – Meet Charlotte!

Charlotte is 32 years old and lives with her Mum, her Dad and their dog Murphy. Something she really enjoys doing, is going out for lunch with friends and going on walks with her dog.

I love going to the beach and going out for a hot chocolate.

Charlotte has the Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic condition that can affect people physically and intellectually. For her personally, she finds things hard to do at times and I gets anxious quite easily.

One of her biggest achievements so far has been going on a holiday to Singapore, with friends. She has also been home alone before, on her own, for four days. Something Charlotte is incredibly proud of is her job. She has recently hit the 10-year mark, working at the Department of Health, which is really great.

A goal, I am working towards is, being able to feel independent enough, to live with one other person of my choice and my Support Workers are helping me to get closer to this goal by assisting me with food shopping trips and helping me make dinner.

Her support workers are like a part of the family and Charlotte always look forward to seeing them.

I feel with them happy. When days are rough, I will speak with them and they make me feel better.

Charlotte’s biggest dream was to meet Nic Naitanui from West Coast Eagles and we’re happy to report Charlotte’s dream has come true!


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