Stories of Interchange – Meet Eleisha and Dalton

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Being a host is all about connecting with the person and making them part of your family and life.
– Eleisha –

Dalton (left), Host Eleisha (right) and family dog Bella (middle) enjoying some quality time together.


Eleisha has been providing a safe, stable and nurturing home environment for Dalton for the past three years. The host and her adult children have welcomed the young man to their family and, after difficulties in his earlier years, have given him a place to belong.

Whilst at times there can be challenges in his life, Eleisha describes Dalton as happy, fun outgoing and a great addition to their family. She enjoys making a difference in Dalton’s life and says being a host is all about connecting with the person and making them part of your life. Interchange Support Workers assist Dalton with his daily activities and community outings.

Eleisha is a good woman and a great cook. She takes good care of me and I am a part of this family.
– Dalton –

The young man likes to socialise and keep active with basketball, golf, footy or at the local gym. Dalton also enjoys going on family adventures with his host such as fishing, bike riding or taking the family dog for a walk on the beach. Eleisha helped Dalton to reconnect to his extended family, inviting them over for Sunday lunches and has also been working with him on finding a job. He recently started his work experience at the Three Rivers Brewery with a little help from his Support Workers.

His ultimate dream however would be getting a driver license and working with trucks. By living in a natural home environment, Dalton gets to experience an enhanced sense of connection, participation and belonging and both Eleisha and Dalton find the experience enriching for each other’s lives.

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