Stories of Interchange – Meet Joel!

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I love going out with my support staff to listen to live music, dance and bowl.”


Age 30, Joel has been with Interchange since 2008. Requiring twenty-four-hour support, Joel lives in his own home and loves his independence. Although he does not communicate through spoken words, Joel is a man who thrives on making his own decisions and has chosen a Shared Management arrangement employing his own team. Interchange provides rostered supports on weekdays, then at the weekends, Joel employs his own support workers, selected with the help of his mum, Gina. This allows Joel to be self-directive in his supports and have control and flexibility.

This year Joel has embraced the opportunity of employment and commenced working at Coles , where he welcomes people at the entrance. Staff and family have all noticed how much Joel’s confidence has grown since taking on this position and Joel enjoys the sense of worth that comes with earning his own money. Kind, funny, friendly and outgoing, Joel loves to be part of the community and meet new people, so this role is very suited to his sociable personality.

Support workers really enjoy spending time with Joel. He likes to be active and out and about. Likewise, Joel loves going on social outings with his support workers, who always follow his lead about where to go and what to do. He’s never short of ideas, as he has a vast array of interests, including music, dancing and going to concerts. He’s also a great bowler and has won the last 12 tournaments at his local bowling club. A superfan of the West Coast Eagles , Joel’s next goal is to see a game in the new stadium.

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