30 Years with Interchange – Meet Mike

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Mike at his 72nd birthday celebration.

There is something truly special about being able to build a relationship over decades.”

Thirty years, Mike has been part of Interchange. It makes us utterly proud to support a vibrant personality like his, from the very start of the organisation’s existence.

Mike had one primary goal, thirty years ago, which was to be able to live more independently and work on his meal preparation and cooking skills. Mike has been confidentially cooking for his housemates for several years now. One of his favourite dishes is sweet sour pork with noodles. Yum.

He has also developed the skill to budget for his meals and buy the foods required for his cooking. He attends regular cooking groups and has built a solid range of different dishes over the past years.

Not only cooking is a passion of his, but he also loves sports, participates in regular soccer and basketball games and he enjoys socializing. Mike plays a game of ten pin bowling with his housemates every week and likes it so much, that he bought his own, personalised bowling ball.

Our social butterfly Mike loves to be out and about, catching up with friends and having fun at a party. Mike is a huge Swing and Big Band music fan, and his personal favourite instrument are the drums. We regularly support Mike to attend jazz concerts and visit the library, where he borrows CDs.

His relationship with his siblings is important to him and he loves seeing his sister for dinner and spending time with his nieces and nephews.

Mike greets everyone with a smile on his face and we are excited to see what the future has in store for him.

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