Stories of Interchange – Meet Regan

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Jeremy helps me to achieve my goals by building up my confidence and encouraging me to try new things.

Regan’s been with Interchange for over two years and lives at home with his parents, brother and sister. He loves sports, especially footy and cricket, which he enjoys playing on weekends as part of a club. Regan now works three times a week and feels his self-confidence and social skills have developed during his time there.

Encouraged by his support worker, Jeremy Hall, Regan started attending the Fremantle Men’s Shed eighteen months ago. Since then, he’s developed a passion for woodwork and his skills and social life have both progressed significantly. Regan loves being part of this group in his local community, as he is able to meet new people and explore his emerging creative talents. Likewise, they enjoy having Regan as part of the gang and praise his budding craftsmanship.

With an impressive collection of chopping boards, drums and picture frames created in the last year, Regan’s just getting started. He’s proud of his achievements regarding his woodwork, especially making a cajón, which he decorated with his wood burning skills and gave to his Dad for a birthday present. His goal for next year is to make more pieces and sell them in the Men’s Shed shop. Regan is an enthusiastic, happy young man who’s willing to give anything a go. He’s very friendly, earnest, sociable and determined and likes hanging out with his support workers. Regan feels accepted by his community and like he really belongs.

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